Jamf Connect


Jamf Connect streamlines identity management and authentication for macOS devices. By syncing credentials between cloud-identity providers and the Mac, Jamf Connect allows users to access both their Mac and their applications with a single password. Learn more about the complete set of features available in Jamf Connect.

Integrating with Jamf Connect

Although Jamf Connect does not have an API or event notification service, there are data points collected by Jamf Connect that may be valuable to developers of other applications. This information resides locally on end-user devices and can be collected using Extension Attributes via Jamf Pro. A pre-defined set of extension attribute templates for collecting information about Jamf Connect have been added to Jamf Pro.

Other applications can query for this information directly by reading from the following file location: ~/Library/Preferences/com.jamf.connect.state.plist. Information stored here fits generally into the following categories:

  • User information — User attributes, such as a user's display name from the cloud identity provider (IdP) and their email address.
  • Password information — Details about a user's password settings, such as their password expiration date or password complexity requirements found in Active Directory.
  • App information — Details about Jamf Connect processes, such as if the app has been opened by the user and timestamps of the last sign-in or app notification.

A complete list of the keys and a description of the data stored within each key can be found here.



These settings should not be configured or edited by users or external applications. Changes to these settings may cause unintended behavior in Jamf Connect.