Jamf Marketplace

You’ve joined the Technology Partner Program and used your Developer Resources to build something unique. What’s next? One of the best places to feature your product integration is on the Jamf Marketplace. This is a directory of applications that integrate with Jamf Developer tools (API, Webhooks, etc), publish an AppConfig / JSON custom schema reference, or have created Jamf specific deployment guides.

As a developer, it is your home to showcase software and products you have built that enhance Jamf. You are part a growing ecosystem of Apple enterprise solutions, and you should celebrate that.

Being on the Jamf Marketplace provides visibility to Jamf customers, prospects, sellers and resellers. It’s important to make sure your listing is compelling, thorough, and to the point. After you schedule an integration review with the Technology Partner team, the steps below will allow you create the best possible Marketplace listing.


The Technology Partner team can help plan and support your integration launch, so make sure to be in contact with them. If your organization has a Marketing department, this would be a great activity for them to own and work with you on. Please connect with [email protected].

To get started with a Jamf Marketplace listing:

  1. Create a Developer Login with this link, or login with an existing account here.
  2. Create an account. Tip: use a group email address or distribution list.
  3. Check your email for an activation code link.
  4. Sign in at the Developer Login screen and click My Apps.
  5. Click Add App and start filling out your listing (field reference below).
  6. In the Choose your app type dropdown menu ensure that Default is selected.
  7. Click Save. There will be a confirmation window to see if you would also like to submit at this time.

At this point, a member of the Technology Partner team will look at your listing and get back to you with any questions.

A few notes on these fields

Summary: This will show up on the search page, in addition to the top of your listing. With just 80 characters, keep it concise.

Description: This is your chance to shine! The description field is capable of rich formatting, bullet points and links.

Listing Type: Your offering can be one of these types, or a combination of all of three. If you’re not sure, look below for definitions.

Integration: This app or service uses APIs, Webhooks or workflows that connect to a Jamf product.

Configuration: This app or service uses AppConfig or Custom Settings within a Jamf product.

Deployment Guides: This app or service offers an official kBase article that describes best practices and resources for proper Jamf deployment.

Platform: Choose which Jamf products you integrate with.

Operating System: This should represent the operating system that the integration runs on, or the target device. This field is not necessary, as some integrations are server based only.

Tags: You can choose up to 5 tags. If you see one you would like added, please email [email protected].

Get It URL: This should be the fastest path to getting started with your solution. This can be an App Store link, a free trial page, or as close to a download link as possible. If getting started is more than a few clicks away from this destination, you run the risk of losing your potential user’s interest and attention.

Configuration Link: This is to be reserved for the best possible configuration guide or resource for your app. If you have a deployment guide or kBase on connecting with Jamf, this would be a great place to put it. If your app supports AppConfig, we recommend linking directly to your entry on the AppConfig Generator. If your Mac app has an official Jamf Application Settings JSON Schema available, offer a link to that here.

Tips for an Effective Listing

Tell a story

Your audience isn’t coming from within the solution, so it’s important to help them understand, in a step by step manner, why this solution exists, who it is built for, how it works, and where to get started. When telling your story, create a short opening paragraph that helps the reader to gain a basic understanding of the need being addressed by your solution.

Start with the “Why”

Like most compelling arguments, people are generally won over by understanding why something exists. Explain what problems the solution solves, and why those problems are commonplace.

How does it work?

The Jamf Marketplace engages a fairly technical audience, so really get into the nitty gritty, glorious details of how your solution works, and what makes it unique! Describe customizations or configuration possibilities and how it specifically integrates into Jamf workflows. If your solution has custom configurations available, like AppConfig, link to the location of that configuration template, too! People like to see important differentiators clearly communicated, so make sure you call out all your key features.

Who does this solution benefit most?

Help the reader understand who this solution was built for. Even going as far as describing roles or responsibilities at an organization that benefit from your solution speaks directly to those benefactors, allowing your product’s value to really resonate.

Remember to include Privacy Policy and Copyright Policy links if you have them. These are important considerations for many organizations when they look to add integrations

Fit & finish matter!

There are a number of ways you can help people understand your integration on a deeper level. Include formatting in your listing text or call out key features with bulleted lists. Include multiple screenshots to visually demonstrate how the solution works or show what it looks like for those people that are visual learners!

Help them get started

When people see something they like, they want to get started right away. Include a clear next step for readers that will get them started on their journey to trying out your solution. Whether this is a link to a download, a GitHub repository, or an easy way to schedule a call and discuss next steps, make sure you have a clear next step for interested people.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be sure to have an excellent Jamf Marketplace listing. And, of course, as your solution iterates in functionality over time, make sure to come back and go through these criteria again with any relevant updates!

Thanks for your participation in the Jamf Marketplace! If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out to a Technology Partner Manager at [email protected].