Single Login with Single Sign-on Extensions

A guide for integrating applications with Apple's Single Sign-on extensions and Jamf's Single Login workflow.


Single Login - a new workflow powered by Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset - is designed to tackle the problems of identity, multi-user environments, and login fatigue for shared iOS and iPadOS devices used by frontline workers. The Single Login workflow uses key Microsoft technologies (currently in Preview) designed for supporting Apple's Extensible SSO Framework. These Microsoft technologies are currently in public preview, so customers should review terms and conditions and consider potential support issues and risks before using.

Apple Single Sign-on Extensions

Apple's Single Sign-on extensions use Apple's Authentication Services framework to interact with an Identity Provider in order to prompt end-users for their credentials and validate the authentication request. These extensions are used to generate and store auth tokens which can then be used to automate authentication into other applications.



A device must be enrolled in an MDM server to take advantage of the Single Sign-on extensions, as a configuration profile for Single Sign-on Extensions must be deployed to the devices to enable and configure SSOe.


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