Compliance Reporter

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Deprecation Notice

As of March 15, 2024 Compliance Reporter has been deprecated. For additional details, see the Release History .


Compliance Reporter is a security monitoring tool exclusively for macOS. Using minimal resources, Compliance Reporter collects data security administrators can use to detect computer threats and streams the real-time logs to most security information and event management (SIEM), log collection, or data lake tools. Compliance Reporter filters and normalizes all macOS logs into a single format that any log analysis software can parse and search. For more information on Compliance Reporter, see the Jamf Marketplace

Integrating with Compliance Reporter

Compliance Reporter integrates with many SIEM and log aggregation software applications. In most cases, configuration of the SIEM is required to provide alerts when business critical events occur. Jamf provides a comprehensive list of log event types and example data structures, which will help you determine which events you'd like to monitor for and take action upon. For a full list of events, see the Compliance Reporter Documentation