Acting on Extension Attribute Data

Learn how to automate events on devices based on the extension attribute values of devices

Smart Groups

Smart groups dynamically calculate a list of devices that match a given set of criteria. One of these supported criteria are extension attributes. Membership changes of these groups are recalculated when devices update inventory as well as when changes are made to the device via the API. This effectively allows a third party system to immediately invoke events using logic defined within Jamf Pro. See the Jamf Pro Administrator's Guide for more information on smart groups.

Smart groups can be used to scope many deployable object, such as policies, configuration profiles, apps and much more, to managed devices. Similarly, smart groups can be used to limit or exclude groups of devices from receiving certain content or settings. For more information on Scope, see the Jamf Pro Administrator's Guide

App Config

Combining the power of extension attributes with App Config allows for managed apps to have a truly customized user experience. Jamf Pro supports the ability to use variables when defining an App Config payload to issue to a managed app. This allows apps to access inventory data that is unique to the device the app is installed on. A complete list of the supported variables are included below.

VariableInventory Information
$DEVICENAMEMobile Device Name
$EMAILEmail Address
$PHONEPhone Number
$EXTENSIONATTRIBUTE_#Value of Extension Attribute with ID Number



The ID number for an extension attribute is the same as described in Creating and Populating Values. The ID can also be found in the URL when viewing the resource within the web interface. (e.g. This URL indicates an ID value of 2: