Title Editor API Overview


The Title Editor API allows for programatic administration of most workflows available through the Title Editor user interface. The base path for accessing API endpoints is /v2for each Title Editor instance. Built-in documentation and the ability to interact with your environment via API can be accessed at /api.

Authentication and Authorization

The Title Editor API supports bearer token authorization, which can be obtained from the /auth/token endpoint via the use of basic authorization. All other endpoints require the use of the bearer token for authorization. Bearer tokens expire 15 minutes after issuance, however they can be refreshed via the /auth/keepalive endpoint.

Additional information on account creation and privilege enablement can be found within the Title Editor Documentation. For a list of scopes required to interact with each endpoint, please see Privilege Requirements.


The Title Editor API uses exclusively the JSON format for all requests and responses.

Response Codes

Below are some of the commonly implemented response codes, and scenarios where you may encounter them.

200Success - Used with GET, PUT and POST operations
204Success - Used with DELETE operations
401Unauthorized - Invalid bearer token or user credentials
403Forbidden - Insufficient privileges, see Privilege Requirements
404Resource not found - Verify the URI path and that all referenced resources within a request body exist